Recovering from the Pandemic - Supporting our Dance Community with a Fun Event!

In the summer of 2020 Jennifer Fitzpatrick of  Artistry Reimagined  worked on a project called Porch Swans, giving free photoshoots and images to dancers in exchange for a donation to a dance non-profit organization. Over 50
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Did you know? The History of Ballet

Balletto is Italian diminutive of the ballot, meaning to dance, to jump about.” Its vocabulary is based on French terminology.

Ballet originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. Noblemen and women were treated to lavish events, especially wedding celebrations, where dancing and music created an elaborated spectacle. Dancing masters taught the steps to the nobility, and the court participated in the performance. One of the first ballet dancing masters was Domenico da Piacenza. Along with his students, Antonio Cornazzano and Guglielmo Ebreo da pesaro, he was trained in dance and responsible for teaching nobles the art. Da Piacenza left one work: De arte saltandi et choreus ducendi (On the art of dancing and conducting dances), which was put together by his students. 

In the 16th century, Catherine de Medici - an Italian noblewoman, wife of King Henry II of France and a great patron of the arts - began to fund ballet in the French court.

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Welcome to our online and Brick and Mortar store

Welcome to our Brick and Mortar store and online! 

Our team is proud to announce that we have been open for business since 2015, and we look forward to serving you all in the future. 

We are located at 14073 Crown Court in Woodbridge, VA 22193. 

Our business hours are:
Mon-Fri - 11am - 8pm
Sat - 11 am - 6 pm
Sun - 11 am - 4 pm

We are constantly working on our online presence and adding new products.
If you have any questions about this store or the products found within, please don't hesitate to contact us any time. 

Our website has been carefully designed to reflect our physical inventory and provide you with an amazingly flexible online shopping experience, and its ease of navigation is something we think you'll grow to depend on and appreciate. Feel free to browse our entire product catalogue, and let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns about the items housed within. Our team is always ready and willing to assist our customers, and we are happy for your visit.
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